Yes, I like to speak and learn languages. I also enjoy etymology (not to be confused with entomology), as long as it doesn't involve having to prove that the explanations I come up with are true! Okay, forget etymology, I like homonymic neologisms.

I already speak three languages: English, Irish (badly) and German (not so badly as Irish, but not as well as I used to)

I'm learning Czech. StrĨ prst skrz krk!

I'm half learning Chinese and Japanese.

I use livemocha [link] to practice a lot. It's nice!

I also know Java, C, php etcetera but in written form only.
In fact no-one speaks them, at least not fluently. Does that mean they are technically dead languages?

I'm fascinated by Lojban [link].

I'm a big fan of Anki [link] flash cards.