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The unit is far from terrible but not close to perfect either. I'd like to see the following in it:
  • Capacitive screen. Absolutely essential. After using one, resistive screens look bad and feel bad. Multitouch may be a gimmick, but it's one I want, very much so.
  • Better battery. I'm getting maybe 100mins of wifi usage and not much more on standby. I want days worth of standby.
  • Better processor/graphics/UI. I don't know who is to blame here. Maybe Android isn't using the graphics processor well. Maybe the graphics processor is poor. Maybe the CPU is the bottleneck. Who knows? I just want it to be better.
  • Hardware HDMI output on/off switch.
  • GPS/Bluetooth. I can buy a GPS unit for €15. A bluetooth dongle for €2. There's lots of room inside.
  • A digital compass.
  • Beer dispenser. This is my daydream after all!
  • A screen twice as big. Almost square, like 1200 * 1024. That would be about 13" on the diagonal. But just so much better... although I could live without these last two.
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