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Pogoplug Pro


So I'd been interested to get a Pogoplug for quite some time. Imagine my delight when I discovered you could get a free device when you signed up to a one year sub of Pogoplug's (the company) family cloud data plan for $29. All in with shipping it cost me about €23. Score! And I get some free cloud storage which I am, to be honest, probably not going to use. But the device, THAT I can use! Imagine my further delight to discover it was in fact a Pogoplug Pro, an upgraded version of the basic device with a mini-pci 802.11n wifi card built in.

Get a free pogoplug device when you subscribe to 1 year of pogoplug family.

So the first thing I do is google (v.) "pogoplug linux". And lo and behold, there's a party going on over in Arch Linux land. Following the instructions on that page will turn your mysterious black box into a mysterious open black linux box, with non-working wifi for now. To be continued...