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HP Touchpad

Courtesy of Tom Raftery via Wikipedia
I bought my 32GB HP Touchpad for €159 from Argos. What is notable is that several days beforehand it was on sale for over €600...

Back in the distant past year of 2011, dual core tablets were far and few between. There was the iPad 2, Motorola Zoom and... not much else. These were among the fastest ARM based consumer devices in the world clocking speeds of 1 - 1.2 GHz in CPU cycles on two whole cores. Wow, two. Kind of a big deal at the time. And then HP released another one, the Touchpad. Looking like a fat, heavy iPad 2 with no rear camera but with beats audio (meh) and a 1.2 GHz CPU underclocked from 1.5 GHz (ooh). For slightly more money than the wildly popular iPad 2 (duh?). They all sat side by side on the shop shelves and people only bought, talked about and lusted after the iPad.

And then something interesting happened.

Internal politicking and the failure of it to immediately murder the iPad in sales volumes meant that one month after the launch of this device it was dropped like a hot potato. Product roadmaps, upgrade strategies and webOS went out the window along with the hapless Palm Pre. The price of the Touchpads already in the US retail sales channel dropped by 80% overnight and were immediately set upon by drooling gadget freaks and bargain hunters. And a few days later the same thing happened in Ireland, which has to be some kind of a first. Yours truly availed of this windfall and thus began a beautiful friendship (or repeated violations of the terms of the warranty, depending on your point of view).

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