Android in VirtualBox

An x86 build of Android running in VirtualBox, free to download


This build is no longer maintained. Consider it superceded by That is all.

Updated 12/08/2009

There seems to still be a few issues outstanding with Google Sites. Googlepages is still hanging around in zombie limbo, adsense is awol and Google Mike is up to his ears in questions on the forum. I'd almost volunteer to pitch in and give him a hand but I barely have enough time for my hobbies as it is.

Updated 18/06/2009

Adding the steps to building your own VM kernel. Start with this page about preparing the development environment. Still a work in progress, but there is some interesting stuff there.

Updated 13/06/2009

Moved to! I'm having another go at building a 1.5 image, I seem to tackle it up to a certain point then get bored/frustrated and back off... then release some new patches and the cycle begins again. I hope to have some free time soon and then nail it for a definitive release. Lots of exciting improvements in the next version, I promise you!

Updated 8/06/2009

I'm slow. I know, you it, the dog knows it, it's a fact. But soon I will be moving off googlepages (RIP) to my new domain, and then all will be well. So see you there soon! (but not yet!)

Updated 29/04/2009

Just a quickie, if anyone wants to host the original image on something better than MegaUpload go right ahead. Drop me a note and I'll add it to the DDL link over yonder...

And now, I'm off to China :)

Updated 17/02/2009

HTC Magic: Now Soon running Cupcake.

Yes, the new HTC googlephone will run cupcake and will be 100% touchscreen enabled. No hardware keyboard included. So... touchscreens being similar to pointing devices... all things being equal, getting a mouse working as a simulated touchscreen should be easy! (Disclaimer: this will not be easy.)

Updated 15/2/2009

A little slow with the updates, yes? As you can see I'm running late with the next build. I have prepared several excuses but the truth is I am just lazy, after all there is a good 7 hours of every day where I just lie in the same spot without moving. In the meantime, here are some links to chew over:

I've added the correct driver for VirtualBox networking! But still not working correctly.

Updated 30/1/2009

Finally got around to updating VirtualBox 2.1.2 on Intrepid Ibex x64 and it worked first time without needing the serial port fix.

The latest version of Android in git is missing a directory that stops the img file from being built. Add a data directory in /out/target/product/eee_701 to fix. Only applies to fresh copies, verterans probably won't notice.

Updated 27/1/2009

Ok, here's a list of items wanted for the next release:

  • Network support - will try to add drivers for one of the supported virtual devices. After all, the browser is what most people will want to play with and an important part of any project is making it fun :)
  • Keyboard support - works, somewhat. Could be better.
  • Mouse support - android supports touch but does it support x/y style devices?
  • Guest additions - very experimental! An exercise in getting cd-rom recognised as a storage device mostly.

Updated 26/1/2009

Thomas Uhl from pointed out that the image is not working on VirtualBox 2.1.2 unless you activate the serial interface. I'm not yet sure why this is, but hope to solve it by the next release.

Updated 6/1/2009


Android at 800 x 600

Hi! If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in running a real Android distro on x86 hardware. Well thanks to the magic of the eeeDroid people, you can! Download the following VDI file to get your own personal Android running on your desktop PC. This is provided as-is with no warranty, guarantee or any other kind of tea so if it melts your pc or turns your grandma against you it is nothing to do with me.


Compression: BZ2

MD5:  9f3f3dd21b063fd8e593cd84b6360c41

Note: To change the boot options, you can load the VDI as a second hard drive on any linux VDI image and modify the cmdline file in the third partition using any text editor. I recommend vga=311 (640x480) for a nice looking desktop.



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